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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Stairway

My entry is another favorite place for me to decorate for Christmas.  I love how a railing looks wrapped in garland and lights.  It greets all who come through my front door.  I hope it provides that warm, family feeling to all who visit.  I have a two story entry which begs to be decorated.  I think the garland gives the staircase a grand appearance.

I started with green garland that has wired branches that are bendable.  That's important because I use some of those branches to actually attach it to the railing.  Before I actually attach it to the railing, I wrap the garland in white lights.  I start at the bottom of the railing and work my way up the stairs.  That way if I am slightly off, it isn't as noticeable at the top.

I used wired ribbon and floral wire to make the bows which are placed throughout.
Goofy mans the stairs.  On the table is Santa counting down the days until Christmas.

There are also sugar plums and flowers on the garland as well.

I especially love the stairway when it is lit up at night.

It's really beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas in my home.  I'd love to hear what you think.  I always appreciate your comments.

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